Restore old photos like these
Restore old photos like these
Restore old photos like these
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Do some of your prized, irreplaceable photos look like the ‘before photos’ shown here? And who in your family is the keeper of these gems?  Restore old photos to life and get fresh prints, and/or we can write the restored photos on a CD so you can share them with others. This will preserve them for generations. You back up your computer files; why not back up your irreplaceable memories with damaged photo restoration? Don’t be the sole keeper of the originals.   
When was the last time you thought about your family history photos?  It probably was when you read about a fire and heard about survivors saying, “The first to be saved was my family and my pets, the second was I rescued all my old photos and albums”. The same can be said about water damage. Many photos are one of a kind and were damaged, faded, stained, cracked, torn, brittle or missing part of the image.

The good news is, at Impressive Photos, LLC, we are capable of repairing most all photos. In the case faces or heads are completely damaged or missing, it is usually possible to rebuild the missing information. If you can supply a good photo of that person, we can use that image to fill in the missing features.   

So what are you waiting for you? Don't risk losing your cherished family photos forever. Click on the Portfolio tab above to view some of the "before and after" Los Angeles photo restoration projects done by Impressive Photos, LLC and allow us the opportunity to restore old photos for you.
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